[eDebate] Baltimore College Debate & YOURS Welcome Shawntia Diggs to the Team

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sat Nov 1 11:08:37 CDT 2008


I am excited to announce that Shawntia Diggs will be joining YOURS as the
coordinator of the Baltimore College Debate program. Shawntia will be
working to get Baltimore area students debating at places where there is
currently no program. Never to leave debate to be by itself here in
Baltimore, Shawntia's job will also include a compoennt that trains debaters
to be college access mentors for high school and middle school students
attending Baltimore City Public Schools. Mentors will work with debaters and
non debaters alike in order to provide students the much needed peer
education that can motivate them to college access and success.

We will be posting the invitation for the december 6-7 tournament this week
after we have the chance to figure out how shawntia wants to structure the

Congratulations Shawntia we are excited to have you on our team.

Andy Ellis
Managing Director

Youth Organizing Urban Revitalization Systems
822 W. 36th Street Baltimore MD
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