[eDebate] fox taped berg at supreme court

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Sat Nov 1 18:30:45 CDT 2008

had to cut and paste this off another website because as i have claimed before the obama camp seems to be in the vein of tuna pro-internet censorship.   obamacrimes.com is currently experiencing problems.    sanchez style television media exclusion is not good enough for the obama camp.    their hack squad serves the function of creating a near total fee pass.     like bush after 9/11, the obama camp will try to interpret their diebold landslide as a mandate for limited dissent.

BIG announcements from Phil Berg
Posted on October 31st, 2008 by admin

I just spoke to Phil and learned that there were about 30 people who showed up to support Phil, which I consider pretty good considering they had about 3 hours notice to show up.

I want to send out a special thank you to Webster Tarpley who met Phil at the train, to Momma E who helped organize people get them out, and to Will Bower who has shown his support for our cause. I want to send out a special thank you to eveyone who has encourage Phil & Lisa, donated money to help Phil with the many expenses, your good wishes, prayers and support, your posts far and wide carrying this message about the importance of this action to save our Constitution and country from the worst terrible crisis in our history. Thanks to everyone from Phil, Lisa and me. This is one message where I know I can speak for them and not have to ask first.

I have an interesting little anecdote to repeat. Phil had not eaten all day and happened to stop in some little sandwich shop where they were giving some sort of fundraiser for a fallen police officer. All these cops were chering and congratulating him on this legal action. A few people were having their pictures taken with Phil. I think it really overwhelmed him as he feels he is just doing the right thing for our country. I don?t think he has really understood how much WE appreciate what he is doing for the future of our country. I think it was a very nice unexpected twist of validation for him.

Phil tells me that others in addition to Fox News showed up. People who attended were videotaping and snapping pictures. There was a television film crew from Estonia (?) to film the event outside the Supreme Court.

Next, I learned that as part of the appeal, Phil included the translated transcript of the taped interview of the Kenyan grandmother to support his allegations. I am very excited to read the transcript. I have never seen it yet. The filing will be posted tomorrow (Friday) with the attachments of evidence, etc.

Keep monitoring this site for the new documents. I am also guessing that Fox will either use the interview tomorrow or this weekend. I?m sure no one wants it to get lost in the Halloween/Friday night events. Please help us post the news far and wide and get this important issue some good media coverage. Word is getting out, but we need more visibility this weekend - so please blog and post the URL as many places as you possibly can. Someone had an idea to make a couple of pages of numerous small strips of paper printed with the URL to hand out with the Halloween candy tomorrow night. When parent?s check the candy, some will see it and check us out. I thought it was a smart idea.
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