[eDebate] sanchez: why is article 2 so hard to understand?

Old Strega oldstrega
Mon Nov 3 22:22:39 CST 2008

obama is not unfit to be president because he was born in kenya.   he's simply ineligible which is why vieira and other law professors predict a constitutional crisis.    in order for naturalized citizens to become eligible for the presidency, you would need an amendment of the constitution.    no such amendment exists.   if natural-born citizenship is out of date and irrelevant, you'd think an amendment would've been passed decades ago.    

because article 2 is still extremely relevant, obama has possibly committed several crimes to create the illusion that he is a natural born citizen including break-ins into passport offices and forgery of a birth certificate.    if obama was born in kenya, he's gonna get booted and that's why he and his sister have told conflicting stories that he was born in two different honolulu hospitals.   and that's why sheriff's are currently guarding the records of those hospitals to make no private investigators or citizens concerned about fraud are allowed to view hospital records that would confirm obama's birth in honolulu.  that's why ruppert murdoch who finds obama a palatable version of republican lite is not letting fox run the story.    that's why ron paul is talking on the rampert radio show tonight.  that's why the new york civil liberties union has written an open letter.

article 2 is not inherently xenophobic despite superficial appearances.   or if it is the whole constitution is xenophobic because it is based on the idea of citizenship, natural born and naturalized.     if article 2 were truly disciminatory, you'd think one person in history would've tried to have had it amended to include naturalized citizens or even resident aliens before obama forged his birth certificate.   and if article 2 is truly disciminatory, the only way to reverse that discrimination without opening the door to executive power no longer subject to the law is to amend the constitution and not impose a new constitutional standard through deception, forgery and propaganda.

the ruse to highlight the crimes of the bush administration to distract from one's own criminal activity outweighs the xenophobia concerns of article 2 especially with the future afghan quagmire being spun without criticism and the new criminal's stance on warrantless wiretapping.    it's time to fight for the critical space the obama camp is going to try to close down.    if that's xenophobia, it's the kind where the periphery fears the control of the center.

it's not my fault the democrats allowed an ineligible candidate to make it all the way to the election and that so many people's nietzschean will to believe was manipulated to the point of refusing to question seriously suspicious background problems of their candidate whose records are all sealed.   i'm not saying vote for mccain.   i'm saying howard dean fucked his own party again.
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