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Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Tue Nov 4 02:16:17 CST 2008


stroube: "if natural-born citizenship is out of date and irrelevant, you'd think
an amendment would've been passed decades ago."

you can't infer anything from lack of passage -- they never got around to
ratifying the equal rights amendment, for example. 

you say, 'if article 2 is xenophobic, then the whole constitution is', but you
miss the distinction i make between nationalism and xenophobia. we have
two presidential candidates who were not born in the contiguous united
states, but are still patriots. no law enforces itself; it's your hinging of this
election on an issue about as relevant as the titles of nobility amendment
which is what i criticize as xenophobic: you're attempting to exploit - but
only risk furthering - an anti-foreigner bias, you're spinning a yarn about
the sacredness of our legal system which i don't even believe you believe,
and you're seeking to disqualify someone simply because they were born
in another country, ranting on about the slippery slope of chinese and/or
iranian hordes who're now sure to infiltrate the office of the president in
the future.

this is what YOU - not the constitution, not ron paul - are choosing to talk
about this evening, and it's got precious little to do with 'fighting for the
critical space the obama camp is going to try to close down'. you forfeit
any credibility you may've had with wild accusations of criminal activity,
when the simpler explanation why obama (and foxnews!) don't share in
your enthusiasm for this tripe is probably because it's nothing more than
conspiratorial garbage. you're feigning concern for truth while cheapening
yourself and your political ideals in the process.

and to even juxtapose allegedly altering a birth record to the appallingly
naked crimes of the bush administration should disqualify YOU from any
further commentary.

...so, i'm not going to talk about article 2 anymore, but one argument for
obama that many on the radical left ignore is this: his administation will
almost certainly be more vulnerable to protest activism than mccain's.

bush got away with glib dismissals - 'see, we allow peaceful protests;
don't you want iraqis to have the same right?' - but i can't forsee such
condescension working as well for obama. he risks alienating his base,
betraying his image/message, hurting his chances at re-election, etc...

in fact, stroube's recent string of posts already presume this thesis -
after all, jack isn't writing 'open letters' to john mccain, now is he?

of course, it's difficult not to be cynical about the protest movement's
propensity to misplay their cards or muck the winning hand. we'll see.
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