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Austin Case austin
Tue Nov 4 11:00:32 CST 2008

Hey everybody, many of you know I have been working for the Nader/Gonzalez
campaign this year. As the election winds down, here at the Nader campaign
were gearing up. I would like to announce the creation of Ralph Nader's new
non-profit the Congress Action Group. Nader envisions 2,000 active citizens
and organizers in each congressional district committed to exposing half
truths, eliminating pork, and pushing for real change on a host of issues
-Increasing the minimum wage to a living wage
-Ending corporate welfare and bailouts
-Universal Single payer health care
-Quickly ending the war
-Invest in Solar energy
We are trying to build a newtwork of progressives, to find out
more, volunteer  go to http://congressactiongroup.blogspot.com/


Austin Case
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