[eDebate] Finalize entries for UCO

Eric Wendell Marlow emarlow
Tue Nov 4 11:38:06 CST 2008

If you have not done so, please finalize your entries and judging 
(Ermo) for the Joe C. Jackson this weekend.  I will be turning entries 
off tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 11 am and prefs will go up shortly 
after that.

There will be a revised schedule that I will send out tomorrow that 
will include the partial rounds that we will be having as well as the 
D3 meeting.

A note on judging:  all judges are committed through the octafinals in 

Still missing philosophy for Michael "Shooter" Weitz.  Must be 
completed by the time entries are closed or he will be removed from the 
pool and entry fees adjusted accordingly.

Weather looks good for the weekend, highs in the mid 60's and lows 
around 40.  This should ease the pain of having to use 3 different 
buildings.  We are trying to have a building for each division to 
minimize the amount of travel teams must do between rounds.

A note on doors:  Because people keep shooting each other on college 
campuses, all of our classroom doors lock automatically when you close 
the door.  Please remind your students not to close a classroom door if 
there is no one in the room.  We would like to minimize the number of 
times campus security has to be called out to unlock classrooms.


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