[eDebate] JV Novice Nationals-March 6-9

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Nov 5 10:07:30 CST 2008

This year the Towson University Speech and Debate team and Youth Organizing
Urban Revitalization Systems are partnering to offer the community Junior
Varsity and Novice Nationals. In many ways this partnership will not change
much  the tournament, it will still be hosted on the Towson Campus, Towson
students will still help out, and it will still be a unique celebration of
Junior Varsity and Novice debaters from around the country. However what
will change is the time and resources which can be dedicated to making this
tournament the best it can be. In the past this National Championship has
always been run by a team, who takes off precious coaching and practice time
at the end of the season to put it together, through this partnership
however the tournament can receive the dedicated focus of a non-profit
community organization with an experienced staff of event planners and
program designers. With that focus we hope to offer an even higher quality
tournament for some of our communities most important particpants. We are
excited about the partnership and look forward to seeing you all in
Baltimore in March.

Within the next week i will be posting the official invite, but i wanted to
give people a few previews of some things.


1. 7 rounds of high quality preliminary debate with out rounds for all teams
with a winning record.
2. Now famous pottery trophies for out round participants, top speakers, and
3. Mutually preferred judging
4. Top critic awards
5. a constant supply of snacks, sodas, and coffee coupled with a top notch
hospitality team

New features.
1. Entry fees between $50- $70 per team with the possibility of signifigant
reductions. This year we will be fundraising to cover the cost of the
tournament, the more we raise the less the entry fees become. In the next
few weeks we will be rolling out the JV-Novice Nats website which allows you
to solicit donations, and we have several fun fundraisers planned that you
can particpate in to help decrease the cost. With your help we can get the
cost down to nearly nothing.

2.End of year awards- We did these last year but this year we are changing
the format a little bit 1. The nominations forms will be posted early and
widely distributed, AND the actual awards will be shorter.

3. The JV-Novice Nats website will be up in a few days and will have
frequent updates and news about the tournament, during the tournament it
will have updated multimedia, pairings, results and other important
information. We aim to make the website a dynamic tool that you can use in
order to plan your trip, discuss possibilities, follow the fundraising
effort, and contribute ideas.

4. If sufficient interest exists we will have a "second round square off"
that  takes place during rounds 1-2. Teams applying for a second round can
get crucial head-to-head matchups during the presets, but only if they opt
in ahead of time.

5. An on site event coordinator who will be at the hotel to help out with
any problems, concerns or questions you might have.

There is much more to come, i just wanted to give you a preview, stay tuned
as updates become more frequent and important information is released.

Andy Ellis
Managing Director
Youth Organizing Urban Revitalization Systems

822 W. 36th Street Baltimore MD 21218
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