[eDebate] UCO prefs and updates--schedule revision

Eric Wendell Marlow emarlow
Wed Nov 5 12:19:43 CST 2008

Prefs are up.  Please have them completed by 9 pm Thursday.  
Constraints go in the C category.  Novice and JV teams are allowed to 
strike six (6) critics.  If you email the critics and teams to Marty at 
Martin.Glendinning at edmondschools.net by 9 pm Thursday, we will honor 
them throughout.  If you miss the deadline or have no email, we will 
have sheets at registriation, but they probably won't go into effect 
until Round 3.

Here is the revised schedule to include all of the partials and the D3 

Revised Schedule 

Friday, November 7
2-3 pm Late registration Liberal Arts Lobby
3 pm Round 1 Pairings Released
4 pm Round 1 pre-set
6:30 pm Round 2 pre-set

Saturday, November 8
7:00 am Round 3 pairings released at Sleep Inn and campus 
8 am Round 3
10:30 Round 4 
12:30 pm Lunch provided on campus 
1 pm D3 District Meeting Room LA 136
2:00 pm Round 5 
5:00 pm Round 6 
8:00 pm Partials for All Divisions

Sunday, November 9
7:30 pairings released Sleep Inn and campus
9 am Elimination Round
12 pm Awards Pegasus Theatre
Elim rounds continue

All judges are committed through the octa-final round

We look forward to hosting all of you this weekend.  Let me know if you 
have any problems or questions.


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