[eDebate] Pre-Shirley Disclosure

JP Lacy lacyjp
Thu Nov 6 18:53:16 CST 2008

[Summary: Post stuff on wiki soon. If you have intel that isn't "self 
disclosure" post that too.]

Once again, we're looking forward to scouting the Shirley.

Our goal is to upgrade the scouting at opencaselist.wikispaces.com as 
much as possible. This will take effort from each participant in the 
tournament. In the end, I hope the effort will pay off by helping 
everyone debate better.

To facilitate scouting during the tournament, we need a good deal of  
pre-tournament information. That way, everyone scouting can focus on 
upgrading what we've already got & gathering new information.

You can submit your information two ways:

1. Become a member of the wiki & post it (Easy, just label your stuff 
"Pre-Shirley") Just go to http://opencaselist.wikispaces.com/ and click 
"join . . ." Be sure to include information that identifies you as a 
debater/coach for a school in your request to join.

2. Email it to me: lacyjp at wfu.edu (This way may work, but it's slow & 
doesn't get common cite requests out of your hair as quickly)

Target deadline: Midnight, Wednesday, November 12.


Affirmative Disclosure--

Plan text(s) you've read.
Complete 1ac outline(s) with full cites [Author, Source, Date,URL, page 
#s, First & Last phrases.]
2ac add-ons
2ac answers to common negative positions (including off case args &  
major case arguments)
If your 1ac is not 'traditional', describe your affirmative in as much 
detail as necessary to provide the opposition the equivalent of the 
above. [Plus full cites for anything that can be cited]

Negative Disclosure--

Basic rule: Disclose the quantity & quality of information you'd want  
from a team when you are affirmative.
Include at minimum the generic strategies you've deployed thus far, with 
a complete outline & full citations as described above.

I say this every year: A good norm to strive for is MSU's Pre-Shirley 
disclosure from the courts topic at 

We don't expect you to disclose new arguments. Keeping 'caselist-able' 
electronic versions of new arguments is a great idea.

--JP Lacy
lacyjp at wfu.edu

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