[eDebate] hail rahmbo, fractions of degrees matter by fractions of degrees

Old Strega oldstrega
Fri Nov 7 02:20:15 CST 2008

i'm so glad hoe is on board with the stroube unity campaign '08.   we don't want to change anything more than a fraction of a degree so we can be "topical".i'm sure the policy debate, now CEDA merged with tuna's leadership, understands exactly what stroube is talking about.  you know the adverb "signficantly" that justifies inherency in the resolution making sure the policy is not the exact same as the status quo.if colin powell had been the republican nominee in place of john mccain, i don't know if i could even call a fraction of a degree of change to believe in?i think the lofty rhetoric of the obama campaign was right on target.   obama has no connections to the chicago daley machine or the washington policy elite.   real change outside the washington beltway is about to happen...oprah for secretary of state to replace condoleezea who is too LIBERAL for the obama administration.oopppssss....if it's allowed to happen.the hoe committee is real excited about obama's birth certificate being submitted to third party forensics experts. in fact, hoe will wager the entire michigan debate program on the guarantee that obama was born in one of two honolulu hospitals and not in kenya like his grandmother says.  this is what i love about hoe.   he doesn't skirt the real issues and just talk about the gigantic neocon change on the horizon.   he goes straight to the supreme court and the right to subvert article 2 by kenyan born marion jones type candidates.don't worry, obamatrons, berg vs. obama is a stroube invention/fantasy.   judge souter didn't make a ruling that says "president elect" obama is the first president to defend his eligibility before his inauguration in the history of the united states.    and an audio tape of his kenyan grandma sayin she witnessed his birth in kenya is a hoax despite being an affidavit.    december 1st is not the deadline for the fraud with no birth certificate to respond.if there is no certificate of live birth, or vault birth certificate, then stroube is right.   obama is the marion jones of politics.
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