[eDebate] obama presents non-facscimilie COLB

Old Strega oldstrega
Fri Nov 7 02:50:59 CST 2008

the supreme court case is over.   former deputy attorney general of pennsylvania, berg, is a fraud.justice souter has pronounced constitutional eligibility requirements irrelevant.the hoe committee wins victory.  the supreme court of the united states of america has accepted both stories, the story of barack obama and his sister, that the mr. marion of jones of politiics was born in BOTH HONOLULU HOSPITALS despite the blatant contradiction that upsets belief as well as common sense.thank jesus christ, obama is no longer required by the supreme court to respond to berg's writ a certiori.that was a racist stroube fantasy incompatible with the electorate.obama is really, really is the next president of the united states.   the television circle of truth has been proven exactly correct.
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