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obama couldn't be malcolm x' son.   he thinks he's the first black president when he's just the marion jones of politics, the 6th black president that didn't happen.     plus, he was "born in kenya," the springstein rendition to get the grammy in '09.   the first OJ trial was racist, whitney houston told me so, and oprah should get attorney general.   http://www.patriotbrigaderadio.com/livejava.phpLan Lamphere thinks it's time to take the issue of Obama's citizenship away from the fringe, and bring it into perspective. "Why is it that we, as a nation, must accept Barack H. Obama as the President of the United States in order to resolve this issue, as well as many other issues surrounding his election, history and affiliations?" asks Lan Lamphere.Phil J. Berg will be Lan's guest to discuss next steps and strategy. Tune in live and take the opportunity to phone in your questions and comments.The program airs at 10:00PM EST. Live stream on Patriot Brigade Radio.If you missed previous programs with Phil J. Berg, Congressman Ron Paul, and Andy Martin, they are being re-broadcast until the start of the live show. Direct Link
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