[eDebate] CIDD British Debate Tour Tryouts 2009

Janas, Michael mjjanas
Fri Nov 7 09:42:30 CST 2008

The Committee for International Discussion and Debate (CIDD)

of the National Communication Association (NCA)


announces tryouts for


The 2009 tour of the United Kingdom



Approximate tour dates:  mid-February to mid-March 2009


Who is eligible: 

Any past or present forensic participant who is under 25 and is a full time undergraduate in good standing, or who has received an undergraduate degree but is no older than 25; juniors and seniors are preferred.  We encourage applications from students active in all forms of forensics, including Lincoln-Douglas debate, team policy debate, parliamentary debate, and individual events.  Students who apply should have (or plan to obtain) a valid, current passport.


Students will be evaluated on the basis of their debating skills and their ability to teach debate basics; their knowledge of political, social and cultural conditions in the UK, Europe, and the world; and their ability to represent the United States and American forensics effectively and professionally. 


How to apply:

If you are interested in trying out for the tour, send by Friday, November 14, 2008:

1) a letter of interest, explaining your suitability for the tour

2) an official college transcript

3) two letters of recommendation

4) a resume

5) contact information, especially an email address, to:


Sam Nelson

Department of Communication

Cornell University

329 Kennedy Hall

Ithaca, NY  14853


If you have questions, please feel free to contact Sam Nelson via email at smn33 at cornell.edu <mailto:smn33 at cornell.edu>  or via telephone at (607) 255-2771.


Two participants will be chosen to represent the United States on an all-expense-paid tour.

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