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i've been told to shut up by a marine and the consequences of continuing to pursue an internet comedy routine that is not explicitly racist but explores the possibility of conflating opposition to obama with racism are greater than i can risk given the current state of my marginilization.shirley, no mainstream media comedian has even considered certain jokes against obama's puppetry that i have ventured under kerpen's protection.   perhaps, a mainstream trend of obama mockery will emerge after the second term.to close, i am not a disciple of shanahan but i did have many valuable conversations with the greatest thinker in your community many years ago regarding friedrich nietzsche and martin heidegger.it is most difficult to hear that shanahan has been characterized as an "angry professor".    shanahan enjoyed life more than any of his opponents because shanahan embraced conflict.     the group thinkers finally got their say.   jealousy of shanahan's ecstasy of the elusive moment did shanahan in.   this will most probably backfire but i hope at least a few will confirm that shanahan is a debate coach ahead of his time who embodies the spirit of debate at the expense of the spirit of coach.   stroube is not an impact to the shanahan DA no matter how they spin this.   i'm confident that shanahan's reputation exceeds our former relationship.i can not say that shanahan was an "angry professor" for one second.    shanahan has been an intense professor in a world afraid of intensity which is the mark of passion for learning.i think shanahan missed foucault terribly and fell for derridean "language kritiks" which fit his more generic anarchy CP pattern.at the same time, i realize that shanahan embodied the conflictual spirit of nietzschean critique more than any person still allowed the cloak of academia.   and this i respect more than words can tell in light of the intimidation that silences me today.conflict is a higher value than tolerance since tolerance is the perfect mantle of exclusion.   intellectual conflict, the agonal spirit of the tragic age of the greeks, is dead.    a madman says so.to close, obama is a total fraud, a black puppet who will redeploy COINTELPRO to monolithically marginilize dissent as racist.i thank all debate community persons not opposed to the spirit of conflict.
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