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Andrew Michael-Don Casey acasey3
Sun Nov 9 20:35:58 CST 2008

Speaker Awards
1 ? Rutledge ? Miami (FL)
2- Steed ? Baylor
3 ? Wright ? Mo State
4 ? Reman ? Miami
5 ? Van Nuland ? Wisconsin-Oshkosh
6- Smith ? Mo State
7 ? Rupert ? Oklahoma
8 ? Pedraza ? Oklahoma

1-	Nordstrom ? Oklahoma
2-	Brunson ? UMKC
3-	Cox ? Oklahoma CD
4-	Dabiri ? Oklahoma CD
5-	Easterwood ? UMKC
6-	Matis ? Louisiana-Lafeyette
7-	Cortelyou ? Wichita 
8-	Breslin ? Johnson County
9-	Katschke ? Wichita
10-	Slinkard ? KCKCC ST

1 ? Ziegler ? K-State
2 ? Calhoun ? K- State
3 ? Watts ? Oklahoma
4 ? Giglio ? Oklahoma
5 ? Mendenhall ? K-State
6 ? Williams-green ? Emporia
7 ? Woods ? K-State
8 ? Defilippis ? Oklahoma 
9 ? Garcia ? UMKC 
10 ? Rinker ? Wichita
11 ? Boyle ? Texas
12 ? Coleman ? Wichita
13 ? Roark ? UTD 
14 ? Wash ? Emporia
15 ? Dawson ? Weber St. 
16 ? Thomas ? UTSA MT
17 ? Kennedy ? Kansas
18 ? Leach ? UTD
19 ? Frederick ? Mo State
20 ? Tomik - Oklahoma?

Novice Results

Miami RR defeated Baylor ST (Steed/Richard) 3-0 Spencer Harris, Harlow, 
Missouri State SW defeated ENMU HK (Hatten/Kelley) 3-0 Tews, Steece, 
Louisiana-Lafeyette BG defeated K-State CG (Crimm/Graham) 2-1 Casey 
Howard, Brown, Patterson*
Oklahoma PR defeated Wisconsin Oshkosh BV (Brown/Van Nuland) 2-1 
Wagner, Tiffee, Crockett*

Miami RR defeated Oklahoma PR (Pedraza/Rupert) 3-0 Kearney, Weitz, 
Louisiana-Lafeyette BG defeated Mo State SW (Smith/Wright) 3-0 Halley, 
Kissinger, Howard

Miami RR (Reman/Rutledge) defeated Louisiana-Lafayette BG 
(Bajapee/Guillory) 3-0 Tiffee, Shirley, Greenwalt

JV Results

Partial Octafinals
Advancing without debating
Oklahoma CD
Trinity CH
Wichita CK defeated ULL MW (Matis/Wilson) 2-1 Kearney*, Weitz, Henry
UMKC BE defeated Oklahoma WZ (Wynn/Zahrai) 3-0 Tripe-Roberts, 
McCaffrey, Sheena Walters
KCKCC ST defeated OU KS (Kistler/Shephard) 3-0 Newton, Smith, Steinberg
UTSA CT defeated Miami BF (Branch/Fox) 2-1 Lieurance, Cleary, Schrader

UTSA CT defeated Oklahoma CD  3-0 Hamilton, Henry, Casey
KCKCC NF advances over KCKCC ST (Slinkard/Thomas)
Trinity CH defeated UMKC BE 2-1 (Brunson/Easterwood) Zarazan, Shirley*, 
Jessica Johnson
Oklahoma NW defeated Wichita CK (Cortelyou/Katschke) 3-0 Pennington, 
Roubidoux, Spurlock

UTSA CT defeated Oklahoma NW (Nordstrom/Warren) 2-1 Thiele, Vega, 
Trinity CH defeated KCKCC NF (Fugate/Nichols) 3-0 McCaffrey, Cook, 

Finals to be decided in a format agreed upon by the following 
participants from San Antonio who wanted to get home in a humane 
#3 Seed Trinity Clemmons/Hall and the #8 seed Texas-San Antonio 


Partial Double Octafinals
The following advanced without debating:
Oklahoma GW
Kansas KS
Oklahoma KT
Baylor CM
K-State MZ
K-State CW
Wichita CM
Texas SB
Wichita State BR
Oklahoma BY defeated K-State GH (Grice/Hanson) 2-1 Foy, Petit, Gordon*
Emporia FL defeated Trinity BH (Bankey/Hart) 2-1 Russell, Shook, Morris*
Mo State FS defeated Baylor BJ (Butera/Jung) 2-1 Jordan, Darren Elliot, 
Oklahoma DT defeated UNT RS (Rowe/Searles) 2-1 Atchison*, Jarman, Vega
Texas ?Dallas LR Defeated Oklahoma EE (The Brothers Eicher) 3-0 JT, 
Thiele, Cook

OU GW defeated Texas-Dallas LR (Leach/Roark)
Kansas KS defeated OU DT (Defilippis/Thornhill) 3-0 Gaston, Easley, Vega
Oklahoma KT defeated Mo State FS 2-1 (Frederick/Steiner) Malgor, 
Naputi*, Smith
Emporia FL defeated UTSA MT (Montee/Thomas) 2-1 Jarman, Morris, 
Johnson, Spencer
Baylor CM defeated Oklahoma BY (Bunas/Yost) 3-0 JT, The Beav ?James 
Davis?, Schrader
K-State MZ defeated Wichita BR (Brown/Rinker) 3-0 atchison, Voth, Jordan
Texas SB defeated K-State CW (Calhoun/Woods) 3-0 Shook, Dipiazza, Maurer
UMKC AG defeated Wichita CM (Coleman/Munday) 2-1 Russell, Cleary, 

OU GW defeated UMKC AG (Allsup/Garcia) 3-0 Naputi, Morris, Tripe-Roberts
Texas SB defeated Kansas KS (Kennedy/Shah) 2-1 Cleary*, JT, Dipiazza
Oklahoma KT defeated K-State MZ (Mendenhall/Ziegler) 3-0 Malgor, Shook, 
Spencer Johnson
Baylor CM defeated Emporia FL (Fifelski and the Return of the Loghry) 
2-1 Russell, Jordan, The mudman ?James Davis?

Oklahoma GW defeated Baylor CM (Cook/McVey) 3-0 Ketchum, Spencer 
Johnson, and James ?Catfish? Davis
Texas SB defeated Oklahoma KT (Koslow/Tomik) 3-0 JT, Malgor, Maurer

Finals is now underway
The #1 Seed Oklahoma Giglio/Watts vs. the #10 Seed and half of the UCO 
Defending Champions Texas Boyle/Scott 
Panel of Ketchum, Foy, and Jimmy Joe Davis

thanks alot for comin out

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