[eDebate] Thanks to UCO

Massey, Jackie B. debate
Mon Nov 10 12:03:54 CST 2008


Thanks to UCO for a great weekend in Edmond,  and an excellent job of adjusting to the huge amount of teams entered in the tournament across all divisions.

I want to say thanks to Mary G for running the tab, and to all the UCO debaters who stayed at the school before and after the tournament, to do all the small things that help the tournament happen.
Oh, yeah, good job Marlow.  (and Catfish and Ketchum)

Also thanks to Miami and LSU Laffy and Oshkosh, Denver and Weber for making their way out to Oklahoma.

Another Doubles tournament in the Midwest!

Yeah Debate!



PS - Can i footnote i may have been wrong about the change in the novice rule!  It does seem to be larger this year than the previous years.

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