[eDebate] Coaching and Phd Opportunity at the University of Iowa

Paul Johnson paulj567
Tue Nov 11 15:54:34 CST 2008


A friendly reminder of two excellent opportunities if you're interested in coaching debate and/or pursuing a higher degree. Iowa City is a wonderful place, with a lot of great stuff going on. 

First, the University of Iowa has a full time coaching position open next Fall. The position pays competitively. We have a dedicated group of debaters at the A. Craig Baird Debate forum, and are all excited at the prospect of adding a high caliber member to our staff.

Secondly, if you are interested in pursuing a phd and coaching debate, the University of Iowa's communication studies department is a great place to do so. Recent hire Isaac West (of KState debate fame) is a new addition to the department, and there has been another job call out this year for another rhetorical theorist. Also, while debate people rarely do media, Iowa's media studies program boasts many pluses, including one of the smartest people around, John Durham Peters, so if you're into that, its worth a mention. The intellectual resources in Iowa City are amazing, the stipend competitive, and the atmosphere for both scholarly and debate-related pursuits is excellent. The department and debate team offer assistantships which are accompanied with a teaching reduction in the department.

If you have any interest in either of these positions, feel free to talk to myself, Paul Bellus, Jason Regnier, or Sarah Spring at the Wake Tournament this weekend. Also feel free to email any of us (our emails are just the first then last name separated by a dash ie. paul-johnson at uiowa.edu) David Hingstman is also good to talk to, but is on research leave this semester, so you have to catch him when he's wandered out of some thick book on the Stoics.

See everyone in the Dash,
Paul Elliott Johnson
UIowa '12

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