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just saw this on the rhetoric list and thought some people here might be





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    The Department of Communication at the University of Pittsburgh will

hosting the 22nd biennial Public Address Conference in Pittsburgh, PA on

Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2010.  The theme of the conference is Human Rights

Rhetoric:  Controversies, Conundrums, and Community Actions.  David

Zarefksy, Owen L Coon Professor of Argumentation and Debate and

Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University, will be

honored for his substantial contributions to public address, rhetoric,

argument,and academic debate.


     Preliminary information about the conference theme and honoree can

found by using a link directly from the main page of the Department of

Communication at Pitt or by using this link:




     As the conference date approaches, the website will be updated with

details on the schedule of presenters and respondents, conference

registration, transportation, and lodging.  This preliminary note alerts

you to save the date.  Contact Lester C. Olson at olson at pitt.edu for

additional information.


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