[eDebate] AFA Conduct Decision

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Thu Nov 13 14:45:47 CST 2008

My understanding is that basically this committee has decided that there
WILL be a new standard for professional conduct made at this meeting. They
apparently believe that there is a mandate for change. I am not certain,
from the conversations that are going on in our district, or from the
feedback I've heard from others, that there is. If there is not, please
contact the following and make your voice heard:
Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre
Larry Scoone
Daniel Cronn-Mills
Tim O'Donnell
Kelly McDonald
David Grier
John Fritch
Joe Bellon
S. Thompson
Jay Warner
T. Brown

Also, I think people should know the AFA meeting schedule that is relevant

Thursday Nov. 20th
AFA Educational & Developmental Practices Committee- 10am-12pm
AFA & NDT meeting 12-3:45pm
AFA Business Meeting 4-5:30

This meeting will occur from 10-12 and before any NDT  or CEDA
meetings. WAKE UP AND GO. Makes your voices heard.

Additionally, Tim O'Donnell is having a meeting with NDT people on Saturday
morning at Wake to get feedback from the NDT committee.

This is NOT another inconsequential meeting of the AFA. It is a meeting that
could literally police your career. I don't even know most of the people
making this decision, and I bet you don't either. Those that we do know need
to make our concerns heard.

This raises another point -- given that the AFA is a larger organization,
majoritarian politics do NOT favor debate folks in the way these rules would
be carried out and selectively enforced. There are many more i.e.-ers and
parli people out there. Those individuals will now have a say on what our
community standards are. Individuals competing for funding, office space,
students, and general support from departments can use this rule to settle
scores and enact grudges using vaguely spelled out rules.

Please, if you know the individuals on this committee, lobby them not to
pass this rule.

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