[eDebate] The Amazing Race: Jennings v. Repko

Athena Murray athenamurray
Thu Nov 13 15:37:13 CST 2008

Looking for some entertainment before the Wake Forest poker tournament? Come
join us Monday night for the Jennings v. Repko footrace!  Hailing from the
bustling metropolis that is western Kansas, Andrew "Thursday" Jennings,
5'6", 185 pounds, will take on  William J. Repko, 6'6", 119 pounds, in the
parking lot of the hotel.  Will gives himself a 33.87% chance of winning.
Jennings insists that his 1-0 record in footraces (and embarrassing defeat
of Brett Bricker) will give him the upper hand.

Can Jennings overcome Will's height (and sobriety?).  Can Will check in in
less than an hour and a half?

For those of you interested in a pool or being line judges, see me (Garrett
Abelkop is precluded).

D.J. are you willing to time?

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