[eDebate] useful Shirley info

Ross Smith smithr
Thu Nov 13 20:27:10 CST 2008

1) Remember, if you have entry data that needs adjustment, Gary Larson 
needs it: Gary.N.Larson at wheaton dot edu

2) There is basic info here: 

3) Judges: realize that you must make a decision within the allotted 
time: 2:45 from round starting time in prelims, 3:00 in elims. There is 
ample time allotted to move, eat, coach, etc. . Show up and START ROUNDS 
ON TIME. Bring a timer. Manage your time. Debaters use 10 minutes per 
team prep. Some are better at it than others. Judges have more than five 
times that amount of time to make a decision. Some are better at it than 
others. But if the debaters give you no good way to evaluate their 
debate in less than an hour, it's just time to flip the coin.

4) Twitter. You can get all the tournament news and updates (new cases 
being run, pairings about to be released, etc.)  in real time during the 
tournament by following us on Twitter. If you are not already a follower 
. . .
1. Send a text message to 40404 (it doesn't matter what's in the text 
2. You will then receive a text from twitter (40404) asking you to send 
your name to confirm you want a twitter mobile account (this may take a 
minute); reply to this message with your name.
3. Send a message to 40404 that contains "follow wfushirley" (as written 
exactly here with a space between follow and wakedebate, without the 
4. You should receive a confirmation text from twitter saying that 
you'll receive wfushirley updates

You can learn more about Twitter and sign up to send an recieve via AIM 
and other computer channels at twitter.com

Restaurant list is being updated by Reed and Gonzalez, but if you have 
Friday night questions, I recommend Szechuan Palace above all else. 
Close to hotel Putters and Elizabeths are no brainers. Call or e-mail me 
for customized recommendations.

Chilly but Sunny is the forecast.

Ross K. Smith
Director of Debate
Wake Forest University

336-251-2076 (c)
336-758-5268 (o)


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