[eDebate] Seniors and Others Interested in Graduate School?

Joshua Gonzalez gonza310
Thu Nov 13 22:34:00 CST 2008

If you are attending the Shirley Classic this weekend, please take the time
to join a few of the debaters and coaches of Wake Debate, as well as our
esteemed Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Alan Louden, for a brief chat and
dinner Friday evening.  We'll answer questions, fill people in, and
generally just chat about both the Wake Debate experience and the
outstanding Communication MA program here at Wake Forest.  
We're shooting for something in the range of 8 pm, but are generally
flexible.  If you can't make it, but are nonetheless interested in graduate
education at Wake, please do not hesitate to speak to Dr. Louden, myself, or
really just about any of the various Wake Debate folks you'll see running
about the campus this weekend. 
If you're interested in coming to dinner, send me an e-mail at
gonzja8 at wfu.edu, or alert any of the folks at the registration table.  
Josh Gonzalez
Graduate Assistant
Wake Forest Debate
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