[eDebate] AFA Distinguished Service Award Recipient for 2008 - Duane Fish

Kelly McDonald Kelly.McDonald
Mon Nov 17 16:05:50 CST 2008

As Chair of the American Forensic Association's Professional Development
Committee it is my honor to announce the 2008 recipient of the AFA
Distinguished Service Award is Dr. Duane Fish of Northwest College.
Duane has been Director of Forensics at Northwest College since 1976 and
Communication Division Chair since 1992.  Numerous organizations have
recognized Duane's longtime commitment to teaching and service,
especially in regard to his work with forensics.  Among some of his
awards are:  being acknowledged by his alma mater honoring him with the
"Distinguished Alumni" award in 2006, recipient of the Outstanding
Teaching Award in 2004 by the National Institute for Staff and
Organizational Development, was recognized for Distinguished Service by
Phi Rho Pi in 2004, Michael Peterson Service to Debate Award in 2003,
the B. Aubrey Fisher Award in 1992, Service Award from Phi Rho Pi in
1986 and induction into the Montanta State University Hall of Fame in
1981.  District IX is stronger and better for Duane's service to high
school and collegiate speech and debate and the AFA is honored to
present Professor Duane R. Fish with the 2008 Distinguished Service

It is also my pleasure to announce that the recipient of the 2008
Speaker of the Year goes to the late actor Paul Newman for his tireless
campaigning on behalf of progressive causes through the nation and
around the world and his generous philanthropic work through his food
products company 'NEWMAN'S OWN,' which has donated more than a quarter
billion dollars to charities since its inception.  

Please join us at the AFA business meeting when Dr. Fish is presented
his award and later on Thursday evening for the AFA / Forensic
Organizations co-sponsored reception.

AFA Business Meeting 
Time: Thursday, Nov 20 - 4:00pm - 5:30pm 
 Place: Manchester Grand Hyatt, Elizabeth B

AFA Reception 
  Time: Thursday, Nov 20 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm 
  Place: Manchester Grand Hyatt, Elizabeth B

An updated list of past award winners follows:

Speaker of the Year 
2008 Paul Newman, Actor, Humanitarian and Philanthropist 

2007 Former Vice President Albert Gore 

2006 Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi 

2005 Nina Tottenberg, National Public Radio 

2004 Christopher Reeve, Actor and Advocate for Medical Research 

2003 Janet Reno, Former Attorney General of the United States 

2001 Jimmy Carter, The Carter Center, Atlanta 

1999 Parents Campaign Against Violence in the Schools 

1998 Kofi Annan, Secretary General, United Nations 

1997 Franklyn Haiman, President, American Civil Liberties Union 

1996 Bill Moyers, Public Broadcasting System 

1995 Barbara Jordan, Professor of Law, University of Texas 

1994 Brian Lamb, C-SPAN 

1993 Hillary Rodham Clinton, First Lady of the United States 

1992 Barbara Jordan, Professor of Law, University of Texas 

1991 William Brennan, Justice, United States Supreme Court 

1990 Laurence Tribe, Professor of Law, Harvard University 

1989 Dianne Feinstein, Mayor, San Francisco 

1988 Ann Richards, Governor, Texas 

1987 C. Everett Koop, Surgeon General of the United States 

1986 Franklin Zimring 

1985 Richard Lamb, Governor, Colorado 

1984 Paul Simon, United States Senator, Illinois 

1983 Larry Pressler, United States Senator, South Dakota 

1982 Joshua B. Everett 

1981 Thomas Bradley, Mayor, Los Angeles, California 

1980 Bishop Fulton J. Sheen 

1979 Henry Cisneros, Mayer, San Antonio, Texas 

Distinguished Service Awards 
2008 Duane Fish Northwest College 

2007 Allan Louden Wake Forest University 

2006 Melissa Wade Emory University 

2005 David Hingstman University of Iowa 

2004 Dale Herbeck Boston College 

2003 James F. Klumpp University of Maryland 

2002 Guy Yates West Texas A & M University 

2001 James A. Johnson Colorado College 

2000 Jerry M. Goldberg Pace University, New York 

1999 Joseph W. Wenzel University of Illinois, Urbana 

1998 James W. Pratt Univ. f Wisc., River Falls 

1997 Rebecca Bjork University of Utah 

1996 V. William Balthrop University of North Carolina 

1995 Larry Schnoor Mankato State University 

1994 Jerry Anderson Concordia College (MN) 

1993 Scott Nobles Macalester College 

1992 Walter Ulrich University of Northern Iowa 

1991 Gerald Sanders Miami University (Ohio) 

1990 Raymie McKerrow University of Maine 

1989 David Zarefsky Northwestern University 

1988 Donn Parson University of Kansas 

1987 Vernon McGuire Texas Tech University 

1986 Jack Howe Cal State- Long Beach 

1985 Malcolm Sillars University of Utah 

1984 Wayne Brockriede University of Colorado 

1983 Lucy Keele California State - Fullerton 

1982 Glenn Capp Baylor University 

1981 George Ziegelmueller Wayne State University 

1980 Austin J. Freeley John Carroll University 

1979 Annabel Hagood University of Alabama  

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