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There are many great NCA sessions. We encourage you to review those items
and to join us for a many of them, including the business meetings. The full
schedule of meetings and agenda is below.


If you cannot attend the business meeting on Saturday, but would like to
cast a proxy vote, the form is available online at


Meeting schedule:


1.	CEDA Executive Committee Meeting, Fri, Nov 21 - 8:00am - 9:15am,
Manchester Grand Hyatt, Parlor Room 734


2.	The CEDA Business Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 22,
from 12:30 - 1:45 in the Manchester Grand Hyatt / Parlor Room 824


3.	CEDA President's Roundtable , Sat, Nov 22 - 2:00pm - 3:15pm,
Manchester Grand Hyatt, Parlor Room 824


4.	CEDA Topic Meeting, Sun, Nov 23 - 8:00am - 9:15am, Manchester Grand
Hyatt, Parlor Room 605



CEDA Meeting Agenda NCA 2008

November 2008




I.                Reports


A.	President Report (Gordon Stables for Darren Elliott)

a.	Heather Walters has agreed to be at the meetings and serve as a
Presidential-Appointed Recording Secretary.  
b.	CEDA Nationals Novice BreakOut Award

                                                    i.     CEDA Nationals
2009 will, for the first time, offer a Novice breakout bracket, culminating
in the crowning of a CEDA recognized Champion among Novice Debate Teams.
Once preliminary rounds are concluded, a separate bracket will be created
among Novice eligible teams.  Both debaters must be eligible based on CEDA's
definition of Novice.  I will work with Tab Room Director Gary Larson to
determine the appropriate number of teams (hopefully at least Quarters) and
when the best time to begin these rounds based on room availability and


B.	2009 CEDA National Tournament Host Report--Sarah Partlow-Lefevre 


C.	1st VP & Topic Committee Report - Gordon Stables


a.	2009 Summer Meetings - Debate Summit and Development Conference

                                                    i.     Wake Forest
University - June 2-9

1.      Business meeting

2.      Topic meeting

3.      Debate Summit and Development Conference

b.	2009 Awards
c.	Ad Hoc Committee on Curriculum
d.	Insurance Policy Review  (via Kelly McDonald)
e.	Financial Emergency Planning Initiative
f.	Topic Committee Update
g.	Bid to host 2010 - (see below. This item was already provided to the
membership in the Fall 2008 newsletter)


UC Berkeley is pleased to submit a bid to host the 2010 CEDA National
tournament. It is our hope to, for the first time, host both the NDT and
CEDA Nationals. 


Dates: March 25-28, 2010. The NDT will run March 20-23. This falls during
Cal's spring break and if it coincides with other schools spring bring this
will significantly minimize the amount of school missed by students who
attend both tournaments.


Hotel: The hotel we have selected is the Oakland Marriott City Center. We
have secured a block of 175 rooms all of which are doubles, though people
can request kings for the same cost. The rate for the event is $117 which
includes free internet. The Oakland Marriott is in the heart of downtown
Oakland and is minutes from several bars and restaurants (including
Oakland's Chinatown) as well as the Oakland BART station. There will be no
shortage of great restaurants and nightlife opportunities in Berkeley,
Oakland and San Francisco. The hotel is also connected to the Oakland
Convention Center and elimination rounds on the final day of the tournament
would all be held there. We are in the process of negotiating a reduced
parking rate at the hotel (anyone who has spent time in the Bay Area knows
that parking is hard to come by and expensive) and are hopeful we will be
able to get parking reduced to around $15 per day. This will also be the
same hotel used for the NDT. We will also have ample space at the hotel for
a student party and for any and all meetings that need to take place.


One final note with regards to our bid. The room reservation office on our
campus has a strict policy of not reserving rooms until 1 year before the
event. We have a close relationship with this office and the Director of the
office assured me that it was very, very unlikely that there would be any
group on campus attempting to use rooms over Spring Break, but there is a
small chance that this would effect our ability to host. If it does we will
know by March 2009 and will thus have time to make alternative preparations.


Thank you very much for your consideration of our bid. 

Greg Achten and Dave Arnett, Co-Directors of Forensics, UC Berkeley


D.	2nd VP Report - Sue Peterson


E.	Treasurer Report - ML Sandoz 


F.	Exec Sec Report - Jeff  Jarman

New website   www.cedadebate.org


G.	Journal Editor Report - Al Louden


H.	Committee Reports


II.              New Business:


A.	Elections - 

We have many positions to elect and still need interested members of our

Nominations for all open positions close at the business meeting. At the
close of the Business Meeting, all nominations will be closed.  There are no
term limits, so people can serve in a position more than once.


1.	2nd Vice President (will assume the role of 1st Vp in 2nd year of
term and President in 3rd year of term. Member of the Executive Council)


*	Andy Ellis 
*	Vik Keenan *
*	Jason Russell
*	Mike Davis *


2.	Topic Committee Rep (at large seat with a 3 year obligation)

*	Jake Thompson 
*	Scott Elliott 
*	Jason Russell
*	Dave Arnett


Regional Reps from the following Regions: (2 year term, member of the
Executive Council)

3.	Northwest - Derek Buescher
4.	West - Kristen Tudor *
5.	Mid-America - Darren Elliott
6.	East Central
7.	Southeast Central
8.	Southeast - Dave Steinberg *


( * = not yet confirmed)


B.	Professional Code of Conduct Amendment

The amendment is available online at http://www.cedadebate.org/?q=node/220


III.          Discussion Items


*	Does participation in public forum debate in high school count
against novice eligibility?


*	CEDA Region redistricting.


*	Future of CEDA role with listservs and websites.


*	New recording and publication policy




Gordon Stables, Ph.D.
Director of Debate and Forensics
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Southern California
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 <http://usctrojandebate.com/> http://usctrojandebate.com


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