[eDebate] josh: judicial activism wrong --- trash the constitution

Old Strega oldstrega
Thu Nov 20 23:21:26 CST 2008

that's right, article is outdated along with almost the entirety of the US constitution.who cares if obama is lying about his birth in kenya?  he'll be honest about the rest of transparency and straight talk.the whole question is stupid.   the supreme court is a bunch of morons including scalia.  no wonder CNN refuses to talk about their serious scrutiny of fact check's analysis.i agree with the lower court, i.e. surrick's ruling in pennsylvania.  narcissistic citizens have no right to contest the eligibility of presidential candidates.   if the DNC vets 'em, that's final.i can't wait for the supreme court to confirm surrick and set the precedent for ineligible right-wackos from caucacus to circumvent the three branch system of checks and balances.    
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