[eDebate] Graduate Assistantships?

J K commgradstudent08
Mon Nov 24 23:11:21 CST 2008

For various reasons, I was unable to begin graduate study this year.
However, unless the unexpected happens again, I plan on enrolling in a
graduate program next year. While I wish I was in graduate school now, this
year off has been good for me as I have worked with Capital University to
rebuild their policy debate program. This experience has renewed my love for
debate and solidified my desire to continue working in forensics. Thus, I am
posting this message to inquire about graduate assistant opportunities for
2009-2010. If you are looking for graduate students, I look forward to
hearing from you. Thanks---John
P.S. I thank everyone who has replied in the past. If you have contacted me
in the past, I would be happy to talk to you again. With my health
difficulties behind me, I am set on attending graduate school next year.
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