[eDebate] Binghamton Tournament Results

joe leeson-schatz sailorferrets
Tue Nov 25 11:55:38 CST 2008

Thanks for all who participated in our tournament. It was amazing
hosting all 320+ of you! Congrats to new programs like Wilkes,
Rutgers, and Monmouth who all had great performances for being so new
to the circuit.

Full results, with ballots and everything, can be found at

Elim Results below...


Partial Doubles:
Army HI advances without debating
Vermont BG advances without debating
West Conn BS advances without debating
BC AD advances without debating
Vermont PS advances without debating
Cornell OP advances without debating
Army DH advances without debating
UMass BO advances without debating
BC BF advances without debating
Vermont MR over Monmouth BL 3-0
Rochester ChWe walks over Rochester DP
WVU BZ over Monmouth MT 2-1
Monmouth DW over Rochester SW 3-0
Army MR over Rochester CW 3-0
Vermont RS over Rochester DM 3-0
Rochester MT over Monmouth DS 2-1

Army HI over Rochester MT 3-0
Vermont BG walks over Vermont RS
West Conn BS over Army MR 2-1
BC AF over Monmouth DW 3-0
Vermont PS over WVU BZ 2-1
Cornell OP over Rochester ChWe 2-1
Army DH over Vermont MR 3-0
BC BF over UMass BO 3-0

BC BF over Army HI 3-0
Vermont BG over Army DH 2-1
West Conn BS over Cornell OP 3-0
BC AF over Vermont PS 2-1

BC BF walks over BC AF
West Conn BS over Vermont BG 2-1

BC BF over West Conn BS 2-1


Partial Quarters:
Rutgers CP advances without debating
CUNY CN walks over CUNY JL
Army AE over WVU CP 3-0
Bard BE over Cornell LM 2-1

Rutgers CP over Bard BE 3-0
CUNY CN over Army AE 2-1

Rutgers CP over CUNY CN 2-1


Partial Octos:
NYU CP advances without debating
WVU NS advances without debating
New School AD advances without debating
Dartmouth MS over Cornell KS 3-0
Rochester BY over Cornell CK 2-1
Cornell BK over BC OS 3-0
UMass DG over New School LM 2-1
New School IP over Cornell H 2-1

NYU CP over New School IP 3-0
WVU NS over Umass DG 3-0
New School AD over Cornell BK 3-0
Rochester BY over Dartmouth MS 3-0 (forfeit)

Rochester BY over NYU CP 3-0
New School AD over WVU NS 2-1

New School AD over Rochester BY 3-0

joe leeson-schatz
director of debate at binghamton university
campaigns coordinator of the binghamton/vestal vegan association

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