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Alfred Snider alfred.snider
Wed Nov 26 12:10:12 CST 2008

We arrived, but not without some struggle. Delays in Paris caused a late 
arrival in Vienna, which meant problems with train connections. Th 
result was that they arrived in Maribor, Slovenia after the last train 
to Ormoz. The crew found good housing in a youth hostel at modest rates, 
and the next day (Sunday) they made their way into Ormoz and checked 
into the world's finest two-star hotel, Hotel Ormoz. Now we are about 80 
people from 15 countries here for a week before we move to Maribor for 
the tournament.

Sunday night most people had arrived and a demo debate was featured. The 
motion was ?This house would punish parents for the crimes of their 
minor children." It was an all-star cast, with Debbie Newman (world 
champion WSDC coach for England, England-Wales debate champion, former 
president of Cambridge Union) debating with Sam Greenland (Sydney WUDC 
semifinalist in 2007, former Hong Kong WSDC coach) were opening 
proposition, Sam Natale (top speaker, Northeast Universities 2008, 
University of Vermont) and Lucas Caress (top speaker, Global Youth 
Debate Conclave, Bangalore 2008, University of Vermont) were closing 
proposition; Filip Dobranic (twice top EFL speaker at WSDC, University 
of Ljubljana) and Maja Cimerman (EFL world WSDC champion, University of 
Ljubljana) were opening opposition, and last but not least Steve Llano 
(former national champion coach in USA, St. John's University) and Loke 
Wing Fatt (Singapore, WUDC breaking judge, father of debate in China) as 
closing opposition. It was a very spirited debate, chaired by Berlin 
Debating Union's Jens Fischer, and caused a great deal of discussion 
among he students. The video is coming soon.

Each day has the same schedule. There is an 8:45 AM organizational 
meeting at breakfast, followed by a series of lectures divided by 
experience level. After one hour there is a brief break before we meet 
again for an hour of drills on the subject of the lectures to help turn 
theoretical materials into behavior and habit. Then a motion is given 
and everyone has a debate with a long critique. There is a lunch break 
followed by a digestion break before the afternoon's activities take 
place. There are two one-hour period for elective classes. During each 
of these periods between five and seven different topics are offered, 
and students can choose which they would like to go to. I will send 
along a list of enacted electives later. After the second elective of 
the afternoon another motion is announced and with another debate and a 
long critique before dinner.

The first practice debate motions were:
1-THW pay a salary to stay-at-home parents
2-TH would create separate units for gays in the military.
3-THBT supporting Georgia's NATO bid is more important than maintaining 
good relations with Russia.
4-THBT the capitalist experiment has failed.
5-THW criminalize Holocaust denial.

Evenings have had a considerable social component. On Monday night the 
Country Exhibition took place where students but items, foods, beverages 
and other things from their country on display and shared them with 
everyone. This was a robust affair of international fraternity and 
lasted well into the night. On Tuesday evening the traditional Slovenian 
"Kitsch Party" took place. Students swapped clothing and dressed 
outrageously for the party. It raged for quite a while before the 
judging took place. Sam(antha) Ricker of the University of Vermont was 
the winner, looking quite good in ponytails and wearing Helena Felc's 
pajamas. Second place was Don(na) Bracciodieta of St. John's, who had 
nice cleavage. Pictures will be coming along soon.

Having been at all six International Debate Academy sessions, I would 
say that the experience level and excellence of the teams is growing 
immensely here and all over Europe and the world.

Stay tuned for more from Ormoz.

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