[eDebate] Applescript/Word 2008 help

Sarah Spring spring.sarah
Sat Nov 29 16:54:12 CST 2008

I've been putting off for a while now switching over to Word 2008 (for  
mac, not vista) because of the lack of visual basic and I've become so  
accustomed to doing debate work in the nice templates people have  
written for VBA. However, I've finally gotten a new computer and I'd  
really like to not have to install Word 2004 just for debate work.

Now, I really don't understand either programming language or  
programming at all. But with the help of google I've been able to  
figure out how to get an Applescript to paste plain text and remove  
returns. Yet, I still would really like to get the macro that makes  
the ununderlined font smaller (Hanson's template calls this "font 8",  
I think)  work in Applescript.

So my question is as follows, does anyone have a debate template that  
works in Word 08 probably with Applescript? Or does anyone know how to  
make some of these VBA macros into Applescript?

I'm sure others have had similar problems...

Any help?

Sarah Spring
University of Iowa
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