[eDebate] hail rahmbo, fractions of degrees matter by fractions of degrees

Josh jbhdb8
Fri Nov 7 13:24:49 CST 2008

Blah blah blah

Ironic use of "change" commander kristoff

I am on board, the Stroube unity campaign sounds so great, I cant wait to
see you talking to world leaders, especially Kim in NK....you two have a TON
to talk about,


On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 3:20 AM, Old Strega <oldstrega at hotmail.com> wrote:

> i'm so glad hoe is on board with the stroube unity campaign '08.
> we don't want to change anything more than a fraction of a degree so we can
> be "topical".
> i'm sure the policy debate, now CEDA merged with tuna's leadership,
> understands exactly what stroube is talking about.  you know the adverb
> "signficantly" that justifies inherency in the resolution making sure the
> policy is not the exact same as the status quo.
> if colin powell had been the republican nominee in place of john mccain, i
> don't know if i could even call a fraction of a degree of change to believe
> in?
> i think the lofty rhetoric of the obama campaign was right on target.
> obama has no connections to the chicago daley machine or the washington
> policy elite.   real change outside the washington beltway is about to
> happen...
> oprah for secretary of state to replace condoleezea who is too LIBERAL for
> the obama administration.
> oopppssss....if it's allowed to happen.
> the hoe committee is real excited about obama's birth certificate being
> submitted to third party forensics experts. in fact, hoe will wager the
> entire michigan debate program on the guarantee that obama was born in one
> of two honolulu hospitals and not in kenya like his grandmother says.  this
> is what i love about hoe.   he doesn't skirt the real issues and just talk
> about the gigantic neocon change on the horizon.   he goes straight to the
> supreme court and the right to subvert article 2 by kenyan born marion jones
> type candidates.
> don't worry, obamatrons, berg vs. obama is a stroube invention/fantasy.
> judge souter didn't make a ruling that says "president elect" obama is the
> first president to defend his eligibility before his inauguration in the
> history of the united states.    and an audio tape of his kenyan grandma
> sayin she witnessed his birth in kenya is a hoax despite being an affidavit.
>    december 1st is not the deadline for the fraud with no birth certificate
> to respond.
> if there is no certificate of live birth, or vault birth certificate, then
> stroube is right.   obama is the marion jones of politics.
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