[eDebate] Missing Pre-Shirley Disclosure

JP Lacy lacyjp
Wed Nov 12 21:01:10 CST 2008

Thanks to everyone who has posted information so far!

As of 10 Eastern, below are the teams who are missing Pre-Shirley 

If you haven't submitted intel, please post it to the wiki (Fast) or 
email it to reedac7 at wfu.edu & lacyjp at wfu.edu (Slow & Unreliable.) [This 
may be as easy as saying "Our stuff from X & Y tournament is accurate 
and complete."]

If you need more details about how & what to submit, scroll to the 
bottom of this email.

Thanks again!

Binghamton    Matthew Torsiello & Bill Sebelle    Aff/Neg
Binghamton    Lauren Cameron & Peter Fountain    Aff/Neg
California    Mike Burshteyn & Jacob Polin    Aff    ADD ONS??
Case Western    David Mattern & Andrew Wolf    Aff/Neg
City University NY    Dima Povazhuk & Timothy Pimble    Aff/Neg
City University NY    Kate Ortiz & Aubrey Semple        Aff/Neg
Clarion University    Aaron Swanlek & Andrew Zachar    Aff/Neg
Concordia    Ian Cero & Brett Lind    Aff/Neg    Aff/Neg
CSU Fullerton    Caitlin Gray & Bryce Bridge        Aff/Neg
Dartmouth    Cyrus Akrami & Caroline Brandt    Aff/Neg
Emory    Ovais Inamullah & Ana Nikolic    Aff
Emory    Nicholas Miller & Chipp Schwab    Aff
Emory    Stephen Weil & Matt Senghas    Aff
Emporia State U.    Ryan Wash & LaToya Williams-Green    Neg
Florida State    Matthew Rosenblum & Louis Paine    Aff/Neg
George Mason Univers    Adam Herbert & Mark Offenbach    Aff/Neg
George Mason Univers    Kyle Leinbach & Adam James    Aff/Neg
George Mason Univers    Emily Owens & Janna Reynolds    Neg
George Washington    Troy Roth & Jon Karlin    Aff/Neg
George Washington    Tim Kellogg & Sunny Park    Aff/Neg
Georgetown    Dorothy Hector & Lucy Zhu    Aff
Georgetown    Cody Forrester & Bon Koo    Aff
Georgia State    Kevin Bottoms & Josh Grace    Neg    *needs more neg intel
Gonzaga    Brent Hamilton & James Joseph    Neg
Gonzaga    Karina Momary & Leah Moczulski    Neg
Harvard    Tripp Rebrovick & Geoff Smith    Aff
Harvard    Elizabeth Kim & Catalina Santos    Neg
Idaho State    Lindsay Vanluvanee & Andrew Ridgeway    Aff/Neg
Idaho State    Paul Montreuil & Danielle Jennings    Aff/Neg
Iowa    Kiran Dhillon & Nat Olson    Aff
John Carroll Univers    Brian Brossmann & Anthony Miranda    Aff/Neg
John Carroll Univers    Andy Labuza & Chris Schroeder    Aff/Neg
Kansas (Univ. of)    Brett Bricker & Nate Johnson    Aff
Kansas (Univ. of)    Chris Stone & Mark Wilkins    Neg
Kansas (Univ. of)    Erum Shah & Patrick Kennedy    Aff/Neg
Kansas State    Rafi Ahmadullah & Brett Farmer    Aff/Neg
Kansas State    Beth Mendenhall & Derek Ziegler    Aff/Neg
Kansas State    John Grice & Jordan Hanson    Aff/Neg
Kentucky    AJ O'Donnell & Mike Gentile    Aff/Neg
Kentucky    Suneet Gautam & Bryan Gort        Neg
Liberty University    Michelle Oh & Joshua Turnage    Neg
Liberty University    Eddie Fitzgerald & Jeff White    Neg
Liberty University    Amy Boyd & Ben Hagwood    Aff/Neg
Louisville    Sarah Powell & Rosie Washington    Aff/Neg
Louisville    Marian Kennedy & Chris Vincent    Aff/Neg
Michigan State Univ.    Gustavo Eyzaguirre & Sam Shore    Aff/Neg
Michigan State Univ.    Garrett Abelkop & Carly Wunderlich    Aff/Neg
Michigan University    Maria Liu & Edmund Zagorin    Aff/Neg
Michigan University    Lina Rudashevski & Lee Reed    Aff/Neg
Minnesota    Arif Hasan & Logan Chin    Aff/Neg
Minnesota    Daryl Pinto & Kelly Nickel    Aff/Neg
Missouri State    Jordan Foley & Clay Webb    Aff/
Missouri State    Jace Gilmore & Aaron Kruse    Aff/Neg
Missouri-Kansas City    Toni Jantz & Rachel Stevens    Aff/Neg
Missouri-Kansas City    Andrew Allsup & Juan Garcia    Aff/Neg
Nevada Las Vegas    Travis Cochran & Austin Mueller    Aff/Neg
North Texas (Univ.)    Daniel Rowe & Brian Searles    Aff/Neg
North Texas (Univ.)    Kuntal Cholera & Grant Peretz    Neg
Northwestern    Matt Fisher & John Warden    Aff
Oklahoma    R.J. Giglio & Nick Watts    Aff/Neg
Richmond (Univ. of)    Mycal Kelly & James Farr    Aff/Neg
Richmond (Univ. of)    Ashley Fortner & Liz Lauzon    Aff/Neg
Samford    Dan Bagwell & Logan Gramzinski    Neg
Samford    Jayme Cloninger & Ben Johnson    Aff/Neg
Southern California    Mike Jones & Mima Lazarevic    Neg
Texas    Hayden Schottlaender & Nick Whitaker    Neg
Texas    Laura Boyle & Nick Scott    Aff/Neg
Texas    Kenny Cauthen & Drew McNeil    Aff/Neg
Texas San Antonio    Christopher Thomas & Andy Montee    Aff/Neg
Texas-Dallas    Andrew Baker & Brian Rubaie    Neg
Towson    Deven Cooper & Dayvon Love    Aff/Neg
Towson    Adam Jackson & Deverick Murray    Aff/Neg
Towson    Ignacio Evans & Ben Morgan    Aff/Neg
Trinity University    john elson & Nick Burr    Aff
U.S. Naval Academy    Laura Faulkner & Jessica Wilcox    Aff/Neg
U.S. Naval Academy    Josh Palacios & Casey Sheldon    Aff/Neg
Wayne State Universi    Geneva Hackler & Alex Pasquinelli    Aff/Neg
Wayne State Universi    Baldomero Gonzalez & Michelle Kesling    Aff/Neg
Weber State Univ.    Stacy Dawson & Shola Adesanwo    Aff/Neg
Weber State Univ.    Isa Tausinga & Brian Bryngelson    Aff/Neg
West Georgia    Jadon Marianetti & Zak Schaller    Aff/Neg
West Georgia    Vince Binder & Jim Schultz    Neg
West Georgia    Darcey McCampbell & Sara Simonis    Aff/Neg
Wichita State    Matt Coleman & Eric Robinson    Aff/Neg
Wyoming    Sam Allen & Jamie Piechura    Aff/Neg
Wyoming    Travis Beach & Grae Harper    Aff/Neg
Wyoming    Mike Bausch & Tony Johnson    Aff/Neg

On 11/6/2008 7:53 PM, JP Lacy wrote:
>> [Summary: Post stuff on wiki soon. If you have intel that isn't "self 
>> disclosure" post that too.]
>> Once again, we're looking forward to scouting the Shirley.
>> Our goal is to upgrade the scouting at opencaselist.wikispaces.com as 
>> much as possible. This will take effort from each participant in the 
>> tournament. In the end, I hope the effort will pay off by helping 
>> everyone debate better.
>> To facilitate scouting during the tournament, we need a good deal of  
>> pre-tournament information. That way, everyone scouting can focus on 
>> upgrading what we've already got & gathering new information.
>> You can submit your information two ways:
>> 1. Become a member of the wiki & post it (Easy, just label your stuff 
>> "Pre-Shirley") Just go to http://opencaselist.wikispaces.com/ and click 
>> "join . . ." Be sure to include information that identifies you as a 
>> debater/coach for a school in your request to join.
>> 2. Email it to me: lacyjp at wfu.edu (This way may work, but it's slow & 
>> doesn't get common cite requests out of your hair as quickly)
>> Target deadline: Midnight, Wednesday, November 12.
>> Expectations:
>> Affirmative Disclosure--
>> Plan text(s) you've read.
>> Complete 1ac outline(s) with full cites [Author, Source, Date,URL, page 
>> #s, First & Last phrases.]
>> 2ac add-ons
>> 2ac answers to common negative positions (including off case args &  
>> major case arguments)
>> If your 1ac is not 'traditional', describe your affirmative in as much 
>> detail as necessary to provide the opposition the equivalent of the 
>> above. [Plus full cites for anything that can be cited]
>> Negative Disclosure--
>> Basic rule: Disclose the quantity & quality of information you'd want  
>> from a team when you are affirmative.
>> Include at minimum the generic strategies you've deployed thus far, with 
>> a complete outline & full citations as described above.
>> I say this every year: A good norm to strive for is MSU's Pre-Shirley 
>> disclosure from the courts topic at 
>> http://opencaselist.wikispaces.com/Michigan+State+Neg#toc2
>> We don't expect you to disclose new arguments. Keeping 'caselist-able' 
>> electronic versions of new arguments is a great idea.
>> Thanks!
>> --JP Lacy
>> lacyjp at wfu.edu
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