[eDebate] The Amazing Race: Jennings v. Repko

Beth Skinner beth.skinner
Thu Nov 13 16:12:13 CST 2008

I guess we'd better get in our fun before the new AFA code goes into effect
and robs such joy from our lives...

On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 4:37 PM, Athena Murray <athenamurray at gmail.com>wrote:

> Looking for some entertainment before the Wake Forest poker tournament?
> Come join us Monday night for the Jennings v. Repko footrace!  Hailing from
> the bustling metropolis that is western Kansas, Andrew "Thursday" Jennings,
> 5'6", 185 pounds, will take on  William J. Repko, 6'6", 119 pounds, in the
> parking lot of the hotel.  Will gives himself a 33.87% chance of winning.
> Jennings insists that his 1-0 record in footraces (and embarrassing defeat
> of Brett Bricker) will give him the upper hand.
> Can Jennings overcome Will's height (and sobriety?).  Can Will check in in
> less than an hour and a half?
> For those of you interested in a pool or being line judges, see me (Garrett
> Abelkop is precluded).
> D.J. are you willing to time?
> -Athena
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