[eDebate] Yet another Shirley list update

JP Lacy lacyjp
Thu Nov 13 23:21:16 CST 2008

Hurry up and get your info in!

There are 14 affs we haven't heard from. We've got 24 teams who we are missing some intel on.  

1. The basic rule--disclose what you expect from an opponent. 
2. Your pre-tournament info drastically improves our scouting. If you like good intel on your opponents, send your stuff as soon as you can. Good intel improves everyone's debating!

If you've already sent your disclosure-please resend it--its obviously lost somewhere along the line.

If your information is the same as before, just let us know!

You can submit your information 2 ways:

1. Post it to the wiki

2. Email it: reedac7 at wfu.edu & lacyjp at wfu.edu



City University NY    Dima Povazhuk & Timothy Pimble    Aff/Neg
City University NY    Kate Ortiz & Aubrey Semple        Aff/Neg
Concordia    Ian Cero & Brett Lind    Aff/Neg   
Florida State    Matthew Rosenblum & Louis Paine    Aff/Neg
George Mason Univers    Adam Herbert & Mark Offenbach    Aff
George Mason Univers    Kyle Leinbach & Adam James    Neg
George Mason Univers    Emily Owens & Janna Reynolds    Neg
George Washington    Troy Roth & Jon Karlin    Aff/Neg
George Washington    Tim Kellogg & Sunny Park    Aff/Neg
Idaho State    Paul Montreuil & Danielle Jennings    Aff/Neg
John Carroll Univers    Brian Brossmann & Anthony Miranda    Neg
John Carroll Univers    Andy Labuza & Chris Schroeder    Neg
Missouri-Kansas City    Toni Jantz & Rachel Stevens     Neg
North Texas (Univ.)    Daniel Rowe & Brian Searles       Neg
Richmond (Univ. of)    Ashley Fortner & Liz Lauzon    Neg
Texas    Hayden Schottlaender & Nick Whitaker    Neg
Towson    Deven Cooper & Dayvon Love    Aff/Neg
Towson    Adam Jackson & Deverick Murray    Aff/Neg
Towson    Ignacio Evans & Ben Morgan    Aff/Neg
U.S. Naval Academy    Laura Faulkner & Jessica Wilcox    Neg
U.S. Naval Academy    Josh Palacios & Casey Sheldon    Neg
West Georgia    Darcey McCampbell & Sara Simonis    Aff/Neg
Wyoming    Travis Beach & Grae Harper    Aff/Neg
Wyoming    Mike Bausch & Tony Johnson    Aff/Neg

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