[eDebate] Fair Scouting Re: Yet another Shirley Update

JP Lacy lacyjp
Fri Nov 14 01:40:00 CST 2008

I remember the day when caselists were "closed."

Those with large squads and coaching staffs had info. Their friends had 
some access to that information. Teams who weren't in the loop "thought 
on their feet." People in the know knew exactly where those "thinkers" 
had to go.

It wasn't fair. Its sort of like the Pats stealing defensive calls. Some 
teams knew the other's playbooks. Others didn't. Its better if everyone 
has the same access.

Shared scouting is & was a reaction to that era of debate.

You're right: Debate hasn't improved "that much" since then. At least 
now people can have a decent clue about what their opponent is going to 
say. Given that information will be collected & shared, why not improve 
that information & share it with more people?

It isn't "forced disclosure" that improves debating...its the better 
scouting that results that improves debating as a whole. (We can scout 
higher priority information.) Bad "gotcha" arguments only last one round 
& less information inequities abound.


ps-If you're itching for a fancy case debate instead of the same old K & 
Politics stuff, maybe you should make a stop at The Shirley:) I don't 
know who claimed scouting caused "Awesome Case Debates." At least, it 
makes the value of that F-22 disad what its really worth.

scottelliott at grandecom.net wrote:
> "2. Your pre-tournament info drastically improves our scouting. If you like good
> intel on your opponents, send your stuff as soon as you can. Good intel improves
> everyone's debating!"
> What are the warrants for this claim?
> I don't think debate has improved that much since the forced discolsure policies
> of these mega tournaments. Where are these "awesome" case debates that are/were
> supposed to result from case disclosures? All I hear are the same bad critiques
> and the same politics disads every round. Who really benefits? Squads with 10
> coaches and 30 debaters? The only thing I found interesting from the GSU case
> list was the Wake F-22 disad...wow, That was a real gem of a disad to find out
> about.
> Scott Elliott
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