[eDebate] AFA Conduct Standards

Mike Davis davismk13
Fri Nov 14 11:42:28 CST 2008

Kuswa says:

>3. Moves to address equality (economic and otherwise) in the activity, including recruiting, >scholarships, etc.   Moves to recruit new programs and to retain the ones we have.  Why is all >of this work coming from the bottom-up now?

I am the chair of the new program committee for CEDA. I ask for
volunteers every summer to help create new programs and few volunteer.
In the past year and a half we have secure half price entry fees at
every CEDA sanctioned tournament, wavier organization membership fees
and free evidence.

I need more help and I will give my report at NCA about what sort of
help I need (I will also post that report at the CEDA website after I
receive some feedback at NCA).

Kevin is right. Bottom up moves are less sustainable so we need to
find ways to secure new programs (with administrative support).

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