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One solution to this is a simple easy to use resource that contains sample
documentation, and basically boiler plate that you can use for your specific
team. The process of starting a new team is not easy, but if we dont make
people find us and can give them a turnkey solution, they will find us when
they need us.It wont instantly generate new teams but if it gives students a
checklist of what steps they should take and examples of the things they
could use it will make it so students can generate programs.

Administartive support is important, but students leadership is almost a
requirement to get that administartive support.
On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 12:42 PM, Mike Davis <davismk13 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Kuswa says:
> >3. Moves to address equality (economic and otherwise) in the activity,
> including recruiting, >scholarships, etc.   Moves to recruit new programs
> and to retain the ones we have.  Why is all >of this work coming from the
> bottom-up now?
> I am the chair of the new program committee for CEDA. I ask for
> volunteers every summer to help create new programs and few volunteer.
> In the past year and a half we have secure half price entry fees at
> every CEDA sanctioned tournament, wavier organization membership fees
> and free evidence.
> I need more help and I will give my report at NCA about what sort of
> help I need (I will also post that report at the CEDA website after I
> receive some feedback at NCA).
> Kevin is right. Bottom up moves are less sustainable so we need to
> find ways to secure new programs (with administrative support).
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