[eDebate] CEDA Nov/JV points

Bruschke, Jon jbruschke
Tue Nov 18 18:53:23 CST 2008

This is a quick note to urge your support for the CEDA amendment that would move novice/JV MPJ from the sanctioning section of the constitution to the recommended tournament practicies section.

Briefly, this encourages tournaments to continue to experiment with workable systems in novice and JV without requiring them in situations that are unwieldy or inappropriate.

There are drawbacks to novice/JV prefs, which include:

1) Beginning judges do not get to hear ANY rounds.  This is a real concern, we cannot develop new judges if they are struck out of all divisions, and given the shortage of forensics professionals it seems like we should be doing all we can to encourage newcomers to hang in there.

2) An increased number of "lost" rounds that can ONLY be solved by increasing overall commitment levels

3) Increased difficulty in the use of MPJ in open divisions.

Despite these drawbacks, I am supportive of the placement of more qualified and experienced judges in novice and JV divisions, and a vote for the amendment is not a vote against the practice.  It is simply the recognition that, at least at present and perhaps inherently, there is not a sufficiently established system in place to MANDATE the use of MPJ in the lower divisions.  The amendment continues to encourage the placement of better judging in less experienced divisions.

Thanks for reading this far!


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