[eDebate] Graduate Debate Assistantship(s) at Kansas State

Darren Elliott delliott
Thu Nov 20 18:33:38 CST 2008

With Wefald's impending retirement, I would make sure you get in writing from all potential Presidential candidates the commitment to continue to provide jumpsuits.  We love the purple, seriously.  All I got at Wichita State was a damn yellow t-shirt AND I had to room with Jarman.  Can you say hosed?

As for the ideal qualifications you listed: Please cross post those to the hiring post for the new football coach too.  Desire to win, work with all experience levels, take an active role while at games, and achieved personal success.  All qualities your AD needs to get this time around.  See if only debaters ran the world.



>>> "Justin Green" <jmgreen at ksu.edu> 11/20/08 2:27 PM >>>
KSU has one, maybe two, Speech Communications Graduate School Teaching
assistantship available for the 2009-10 school year.

Why KSU Debate?
- School Support - Awesome jumpsuits are provided by our President,
everyone at the school knows of the debate team,

The ideal candidate would:
- desire to win. Winning is not the most important lesson in debate
for KSU debaters and coaches; it is why we receive funding. We believe
striving to win does increase knowledge of lessons learned and helps
to create a strong bond.
- enjoy working with all experience levels - All of our coaches coach
all of our teams.
- desire to take a very active role while at a debate tournament.
- have achieved personal success in debate.

Justin Green
Director of Debate - Kansas State
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