[eDebate] josh: judicial activism wrong --- trash the constitution

Josh jbhdb8
Fri Nov 21 00:11:44 CST 2008

Ok, so, its important/relevant because the "stupid" Supreme Court recognized

Hmmmmm, ok, I will go back to nervously pacing my apartment until this
terrible tragedy is finally resolved and we can get rid of that terrible
"birth-certificate thief" Obama,


On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 12:21 AM, Old Strega <oldstrega at hotmail.com> wrote:

> that's right, article is outdated along with almost the entirety of the US
> constitution.
> who cares if obama is lying about his birth in kenya?  he'll be honest
> about the rest of transparency and straight talk.
> the whole question is stupid.   the supreme court is a bunch of morons
> including scalia.  no wonder CNN refuses to talk about their serious
> scrutiny of fact check's analysis.
> i agree with the lower court, i.e. surrick's ruling in pennsylvania.
>  narcissistic citizens have no right to contest the eligibility of
> presidential candidates.   if the DNC vets 'em, that's final.
> i can't wait for the supreme court to confirm surrick and set the precedent
> for ineligible right-wackos from caucacus to circumvent the three branch
> system of checks and balances.
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