[eDebate] josh: judicial activism wrong --- trash the constitution

Josh jbhdb8
Sat Nov 22 00:31:49 CST 2008

You win, he isnt transformational, the courts suck, my jokes are
funny.....Victory for Democracy....If he only had not stolen his birth
certificate in Watergate 2008 damn him for forcing the destruction of the
constitution in his name.....man, this is better than the weekly world news,


On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 10:31 PM, Old Strega <oldstrega at hotmail.com> wrote:

> not submitting a birth certificate to court is good because the momentum of
> the election can ride cagliostro through the technicalities.
> not submitting a birth certificate to court is not the reason the supreme
> court conference is happening.   it would be stupid to force the case to go
> away completely with real evidence of natural born citizenship.    josh
> wouldn't get to make his hilarious pacing in his apartment jokes anymore.
> not submitting a birth certificate to court meets common sense standards of
> transparency which isn't important anyway since transparency is an obstacle
> to the top-down executive power needed to reverse the bush-cheney debacle.
> the more we make fun of the berg and donofrio cases on the supreme court
> docket the more the supreme court will uphold obama's right not to submit
> his birth certificate to anybody but factcheck.    the conference to take
> place on december 5th is in name only.  the justices won't even show up or
> talk about the case against obama.
> in the end, if obama had chosen to let anybody but fact check look at his
> hawaiian short-form with no notarized witness signatures, then i would no
> longer consider him a "transformational figure" on the brink of reversing
> all the bush treachery ushering in the liberal utopia of hard work and
> responsibility.   with obama's long history of making change and the
> encouraging signs of his appointments, especially hillary clinton, the birth
> certificate issue becomes irrelevant.   it doesn't matter much because so
> much good is about to happen and optimism will be fulfilled.   ha ha ha.
> obama is too good to be transparent about his birth certificate.
> and, again, i'm glad obama is refusing to submit the birth certificate and
> forcing the courts in the 15 birth certificate cases in roughly one third of
> the 50 states to rule that the plaintiffs have no standing setting the
> precedent for a right-wing wacko to do copy his subversion of the
> eligibility rules.      the eligibility requirements of the constitution are
> a worthy target of irony as long as you think your candidate is worth
> trashing those requirements.
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> Subject: Re: [eDebate] josh: judicial activism wrong --- trash the
> constitution
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> Ok, so, its important/relevant because the "stupid" Supreme Court
> recognized it?
> Hmmmmm, ok, I will go back to nervously pacing my apartment until this
> terrible tragedy is finally resolved and we can get rid of that terrible
> "birth-certificate thief" Obama,
> Josh
> On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 12:21 AM, Old Strega <oldstrega at hotmail.com>wrote:
> that's right, article is outdated along with almost the entirety of the US
> constitution.
> who cares if obama is lying about his birth in kenya?  he'll be honest
> about the rest of transparency and straight talk.
> the whole question is stupid.   the supreme court is a bunch of morons
> including scalia.  no wonder CNN refuses to talk about their serious
> scrutiny of fact check's analysis.
> i agree with the lower court, i.e. surrick's ruling in pennsylvania.
>  narcissistic citizens have no right to contest the eligibility of
> presidential candidates.   if the DNC vets 'em, that's final.
> i can't wait for the supreme court to confirm surrick and set the precedent
> for ineligible right-wackos from caucacus to circumvent the three branch
> system of checks and balances.
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