[eDebate] Weber HEARTS Whitman :)

omar guevara oguevara
Tue Nov 25 11:56:31 CST 2008

Thanks to Jim and the crew for a great time.
Jim is a master of not only running the tournament efficiently, but making all the students feel special.  That is neither easy nor cheap to achieve that result.  And given that you don't have to pay entry fees if you are outside of D2, it is tremedously generous of the whole crew in Walla Walla to just provide they great experience they do.
The only expense you would incur is travel costs and hotel room. This year rooms were $45 at the travel lodge right across the street from the building in which we were debating.
Such generosity would be considerate in good time, but in these economic and budget times...it is inspiring.
Thanks to all Whitman folk for another great time.

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