[eDebate] Bear Shock Results

Jeffrey Jarman jeffrey.jarman
Wed Oct 1 09:40:08 CDT 2008

Congrats to Baylor LR for winning the Open division (over North Texas  
MR), Kansas DK for winning the Junior division (over Oklahoma CE), and  
Missouri State SW for winning the Novice Division (over JCCC/UNI).

Speaker awards are listed below and the full packet is attached as a  
pdf file.



1.	Ryan Wash, Emporia
2.	Chris Thomas, UTSA
3.	Avery Henry, UCO
4.	Patrick Kennedy, Kansas
5.	Juan Garcia, UMKC
6.	Latoya Williams-Green, Emporia
7.	Mark Wilkins, Kansas
8.	Scott Koslow, Oklahoma
9.	Chris Rooney, Baylor
10.	Aaron Kruse, Missouri State


1.	Alyssa Kennedy, Kansas
2.	Paul Eicher, Oklahoma
3.	Adam Cortelyou, Wichita State
4.	Donnie Hanson, Emporia
5.	Gloria Funcheon, K State
6.	Miranda Nichols, KCKCC
7.	Kai Davis, Kansas
8.	David Blair, Oklahoma
9.	Franklin Katschke, Wichita State
10.	Andy Lee, K State


1.	Eric Wright, Missouri State
2.	Allie Chase, JCCC
3.	Patrick Luong, Oklahoma
4.	Danielle Smith, Missouri State
5.	Austin Graham, Kansas State

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