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Jacob.Thompson at unlv.edu Jacob.Thompson
Fri Oct 3 17:03:33 CDT 2008

UNLV's first annual Las Vegas Classic Round Robin Tournament has 
successfully concluded, and the winners are....

Speaker awards:

Tied for fifth, but not receiving awards 
Vince Binder, West Georgia
Laura Boyle, Texas
Chris Spurlock, UCO

5th speaker: Mike Bausch, Wyoming

4th speaker: Beth Mendenhall, Kansas State

3rd speaker: Paul Montreuil, Idaho State

2nd speaker: Avery Henry, UCO

1st speaker: Jim Schultz, West Georgia

Team Awards:

4th-University of Texas, Boyle/Scott (3-4, but beating Emory who also was 
3-4 in head-to head competition)

3rd-UCO, Spurlock/Henry (5-2, but losing to Wyoming who also was 5-2 in 
head-to head competition)

2nd-Wyoming, Bausch/Johnson (5-2)

1st-West Georgia Binder/Schultz (7-0)

Congratulations to all of the teams accepted, now on to the invitational.


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