[eDebate] debate's image, political debates, shirley invite basics, and more

Ross Smith smithr
Sat Oct 4 07:01:47 CDT 2008

A) Lots of us have done good interviews and such around the political 
debates. there are radio, TV, and newspaper interviews. Please send me 
any links to articles that quote you, links to TV or radio media where 
you appeared, etc. I will make a DebateScoop post and try to raise 
attention elsewherer in the blogosphere and via other connections.

We are valued!!

If you want to see me on Fox and Friends" after the Biden/Pailin debate, 
look here:


B) Shirley invite out soon. Highlights:

1) 6 prelims (Our activity has proven we cannot humanely do 13 rounds 
high quality debates (sufficient pre-round prep, judge decision time, 
and post round discussion ) in 3 days.

2) 100 point speaker scale (why are tournaments still using 30?).

3)  "JV breakout" (name tentattive)-- at least 20% of all teams 
comprised of two debaters both of whom are still in their first or 
second year of debate who do not clear into the doubles will clear into 
the Sophfrosh (name tentative) breakout. Clears at least to 8 teams.

4) Schedule details:
Sat: 2 presets and two individually poered rounds.
Sun: 2 individually powered round beginning at 9 am, First elim for 
breakout and "open" at 4:45, banquet, including all speechifying and 
awarding (look for superstar guest speakers) ends by 9 pm.
Mon: Octas (semis of breakout) begin at 8. Finals of open begins at 8. 
Party begins at 10.

5) Will also include time and rooms for "community issues" discussions 
at a minimum during the first elim for those not otherwise obligated and 
also at other times. Topic committee and others wishing to schedule 
something should let us know.

6) MISC. BUT IMPORTANT. We will have and enforce not only a prelim judge 
decision time rule, but also one for elims (probably 3 hours from 
announced start time of the round). We will also guarantee for elims 
that all debates get at least 15 minutes post-round discussion and at 
least 30 minutes prep after that post round ends. We will use 
tab-assigned sides (side equalization). All rounds (defined as the 
speeches and judge critiques) are open to the public but may be 
electonically recorded for private educational use by participants or 
particapant's coaches only. Distribution of such recordings is 
expressely prohibited unless prior written consent of all people on the 
recording is obtatained and unless prior written consent of Wake Forest 
University is obtained. All participants debate at the invitation of 
Wake Forest University according to its tournament rules as well as any 
rules of their sponsoring institutions. We abide by all rules and norms 
of CEDA and the AFA, including but not limited to CEDA's sexaul 
harrassment policy.

7) Hotel, fees and such:
info coming soon (you won't lose out on hotel reservations, Sundance is 
tourney hotel, fees won't increase much or at all, we will probably rent 
luggage carts . . . ).

Ross K. Smith
Director of Debate
Wake Forest University

336-251-2076 (c)
336-758-5268 (o)


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