[eDebate] UNLV Results

Jeffrey Jarman jeffrey.jarman
Tue Oct 7 09:26:31 CDT 2008

Elim results are below.
The results packet is attached as a pdf.
Congrats to everyone.



Gonzaga HJ advances
West Georgia BS advances
Wichita CR advances
Central Oklahoma HS advances
Wyoming BJ over Wyoming BH
Central Oklahoma CS over Whitman BJ
Baylor LR over Pepperdine/Redlands MN
Idaho State JM over Whitman EM
Kansas JW over Kansas State AF
Texas BH over Wichita BR
Texas SW over Whitman GR
Kansas KS over Redlands LM
Texas San Antonio MT over Emporia FM
Whitman CZ over Gonzaga KS
Wyoming AP over CSUFullerton BG
Macalester CP over Trinity BH


Gonzaga HJ over Mac CP
West Georgia BS over Wyoming AP
Wichita CR over Whitman CZ
Texas San Antonio MT over Central Oklahoma HS
Wyoming BJ over Kansas KS
Central Oklahoma CS over Texas SW
Baylor LR over Texas BH
Idaho State JM over Kansas JW


Idaho State JM over Gonzaga HJ
West Georgia BS over Baylor LR
Wichita CR over Central Oklahoma CS
Wyoming BJ over Texas San Antonio MT


Idaho State JM over Wyoming BJ
West Georgia BS over Wichita CR


Did not occur.  Both teams agreed to debate at a later date.



Wichita State CM advances
Wyoming BS over JCCC BH
Kansas State DR over Augustana SW
Florida ST over Oklahoma WZ


Wichita State CM over Florida ST
Kansas State DR over Wyoming BS


Wichita State CM over Kansas State DR



Wisconsin Oshkosh advances
Augustana over Southern California


Wisconsin Oshkosh over Augustana

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