[eDebate] Pflaum -- Finalize Entries

Samuel Maurer chairman.maurer
Tue Oct 7 11:50:01 CDT 2008

Please finalize entries soon, or at least get them in the ballpark.
Also, if you need to hire judging, please get on that soon.  As of now
we have no where near enough judges entered to cover the number of
rounds that we have (22 total judges, 59 total teams).

Also, if you are a debater who is interested in judging novice and you
enjoy money, let me know.  Or let me know if you are a judge with
nothing better to do that weekend and enjoy money.  I think our
reputation for hospitality speaks to the fact that the Pflaum is a fun
tournament to come to when all you have to do is judge.

We pay cash for all judges we hire.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Samuel A. Maurer
Director of Debate
Emporia State University

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