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matt stannard stannardmatt
Wed Oct 8 09:31:43 CDT 2008

I want to commend CEDA for the response to the Chronicle of Higher Education article.  
In my opinion, the Chronicle article was kind of a hatchet job. Eyewitnesses to the author's on-site reporting at one tournament indicate that he was only interested in seeking out the most sensational data, and actually declined to interview people who might have offered different points of view (not what you'd expect from a journal devoted to higher education). Nevertheless, just because publicity is poorly or nefariously constructed doesn't mean we don't have to answer it. Unfortunately, we don't get to just "cry foul." In my opinion, CEDA's responser is a reasonable, honest, and straightforward refutation of the negative images constructed in the piece. 
Matt Stannard, Director
Wyoming Speech and Debate Union
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