[eDebate] Richmond NOVICE TEACH-IN

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Wed Oct 8 09:32:52 CDT 2008

Hi all,
The classes/discussions offered to novices on Saturday night are coming together.  Following ADA guidelines, there will be two 50 minute sessions of teaching during round four on Saturday night.  These debate experts (among others) will be leading the sessions.  We'll also set you up to play "Match the Scholar with the Course" by shuffling the order down below.  Yes, there are more courses than teachers--one teacher is still deciding which class to go with this year.
UR Novice Teach-In Leaders
Donald Bryson
Adrienne Brovero
Stephen Davis
Heather Hall
Vik Keenan
Joe Keeton
Adam Lee
Jim Lyle
Tim O'Donnell
Session Titles
Risk Assessment and Debating Economics
Debate as Air and Why We Must Breathe
Be a Search Engine:  Improving On-Line Research Skills
Yes!  Flowing is the Key
Why Debate Really Does Matter
Everything You Need to Know About Counterplans
You're Novice?  What are Your Kritiks and Answers?
Debating About Things That Are Uncomfortable to Talk About In the First Place
The Art of Cross Examination
being Grumpy in/as Debate
See you soon,
ps--we're trying to save some paper and printing....our restaurant guide is here:
http://blog.richmond.edu/debate/2008/10/06/richmond-restaurant-guide-and-links-to-restaurant-lists/ <https://urmail.richmond.edu/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://blog.richmond.edu/debate/2008/10/06/richmond-restaurant-guide-and-links-to-restaurant-lists/> 
tournament schedule and invite are here:
http://debate.richmond.edu/tournament/index.html <http://debate.richmond.edu/tournament/index.html> 

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