[eDebate] Invitation to the Soul of America Tournament at Kansas State - February 13-15th

Justin Green jmgreen
Wed Oct 8 13:41:36 CDT 2008

Kansas State University would like to formally welcome you to join us at the
SOUL OF AMERICA tournament in Manhattan on February 13-15th.

Top 5 reasons to attend our tournament:
5. Two meals will be provided.  Dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday.
4. Well-run and humane tournament.  Chris Wheatley, KSU coaching alumn and
all-round superstar, will serve as the tab room director. We will start
prompt, plenty of time will be available for coaching, no one will yell to
start debates.
3. Aggieville ? We will have shuttle runs from the hotel to a six square
block radius that has 40 different social gathering places for those who are
of age.
2. Done on Sunday.  Less class missed.  More time at home.
1. It's a mid-America tournament in February.  Not everyone will go to
districts and the NDT.  Quality debates, quality judging, friendly

K.U. has graciously signed off for KSU to host a tournament on what was
traditionally the Heart weekend.  See Ella Fitzgerald, the Cleftones, The
Four Aces, amongst others for the value of both being involved.  There is
potential for a rotation to take place ? more to be announced at a later

Topic: We will follow the 2008-9 CEDA topic.

Hybrids: In the Open division, two debaters from different schools may
debate together and advance to elimination rounds.  Yes, you can debate with
anyone who still has eligibility and enrolled in a CEDA school.

Division Eligibility: We will follow the CEDA eligibility rules.  Please do
not place anyone outside of the eligibility requirements stipulated in the
Constitution even if you desire to forgo points. Kansas State teams will
compete and have the ability to clear.  Our debaters need the experience and
this will make the tournament larger.

Elimination Rounds: Half of the teams will clear.  All teams must have a
winning record to clear.

Hotel Information: To follow.

Judging: Please provide 3 rounds of judging for every team entered.  If a
judge is brought that can only judge in the JV or Novice division and it is
mathematically impossible to place them in all of their committed rounds,
the tournament will politely ask the school to increase the commitment
levels of another judge or pay to have these rounds covered.  The tournament
will do its best to notify any schools of this problem ahead of time.  Hired
judging will be few and far between.  If you need it, please let us know in
advance.  The cost of hiring is $30/round.

Transportation: For those flying into Manhattan, KS ? KSU is willing to
provide you with necessary shuttling to and from the tournament and to
ensure that you get fed.  Kansas City International Airport is about a 2
hour drive away from Manhattan.  For those driving, if directions are
needed, please ask.

Entry Fees: $85/team.  We are not doing this to make money.  Checks should
be made payable to "Wildcat Debate Workshop".  We will also accept checks
made to "Kansas State University".  For new and struggling programs, if the
entry fee prohibits attendance, please let us know ? we will work something

Awards: Very sweet trophies will be given out.  In addition, one member of
each division, selected by student ballot, will receive an award for being
an OUTSTANDING COMMUNITY MEMBER at the tournament.  KSU debaters will not be
eligible for the latter award.
Disclosure: In order to receive strikes/preferences, a team must either
submit to the tournament officials (jmgreen at ksu.edu) or to
opencaselist.wikispaces.com a copy of all of their previously run
affirmatives that they might run at the tournament.  If new advantages/plan
texts have been added, please submit these as well.

SOUL BOOK:  Ok, so this is a blatant steal from KU, but we want to continue
the tradition ? if those entering do.  We ask that each school submit
information about each debater, the more appropriately incriminating the
better. Please email these to jmgreen at ksu.edu.  If there is not sufficient
submission from the school, KSU will reserve the right to fill one out for
you.  If you would not like to participate in the book, please let the
tournament know.
Actual Name:
Nickname for debater:
Nickname for team:
Future Occupation:
Major in School:
When not debating this person is:

Looking forward,

Justin Green on behalf of KSU debate

Friday, February 13th
2:00-3:15 pm Registration ? those arriving late should call 703-855-6177
3:15 pm Pairings for 1 and 2/Opening Assembly
4:00 pm Round I Random Preset
5:45-6:15 Dinner
7:00 pm Round II Random Preset

Saturday, February 14th
7:30am Pairings Released online, at hotel and at tournament
8:30 am Round III (High-Low off rds 1 and 2)
11:00 am Round IV (High-High off rounds 1 and 2)
1:00-2:00 pm Lunch
2:30 pm Round V
5:30 pm Round VI
8:30 pm First Partials Round (depending on size)
ASAP Release list of Elim participants at Hotels and on edebate
10:00 pm All Coaches Reception at Tournament Suite (Dependent on partials

Sunday, October 12th
8:00 am Awards Assembly
Or Partial Elims (depending on size)
10:00 am Elims Continue
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