[eDebate] Emporia Tournament -- Finalize Judges/Teams Soon! Please!

Samuel Maurer chairman.maurer
Wed Oct 8 14:13:20 CDT 2008

We are dangerously short on judges right now.  I know this is because
some schools have not entered ANY judges for a large number of teams
so far, so I'm expecting some more to enter.  However, at this point,
we will have 40 debates going on at any given time and 31 judges to
judge them. We are 9 judges short of even having a tournament.  Not to
mention that that assumes everyone is in for all 6 (which they aren't)
and that we allow for zero preference in any division (which we will
not).  Also, judge availability that we currently have is inflated
because several judges in the pool have division restrictions.

Thus, finalize your entries soon.  Please, please, please let me know
so we can run a good tournament.

Also, I think we have all of the teams that will be attending but if
not, let me know soon because we are battling for extra rooms right
now because of many late entries this week.

Want to make more money?  Sure, we all do.  So backchannel me about
judging at our tournament.

We couldn't be happier that our tournament has dramatically increased
in size this year (partial-doubles open, partial-octos JV, partial
quarters nov).  We look forward to hosting all of you!!!

Samuel A. Maurer
Director of Debate
Emporia State University

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